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We provide assistance with numerous new roof funding options for new roof replacements and roof repairs throughout Scotland and England. If you require advice on new roof grants or help to pay for your new roof or repairs then fill in our simple to use form provided and one of our expert roofing surveyors or trusted finance partners will call you back within 24 hours.

Due to the current pandemic we are currently working online and can provide all the information you need with digital documents and our online roof measurement tools.

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We Can Help To Fund Your New Roof

new Flat Roofs

Our help to pay affordability scheme offers the advantage of having your flat roof repaired or replaced without any upfront costs to you, we can attend to rubber roofs, felt roofs and fibreglass roofs.

new Slate Roofs

Slate roofs can be an expensive roof type to replace but with the new roof affordability scheme phase 4 we are maling sure all homeowners have the ability to repair or replace thier slate roof with no costs upfront.

new Tiled Roofs

Tiled roofs can be problematic and when the tiles become porous its time for a new roof, with our affordability scheme we offer homeowners throughout the U.K to apply for our help to pay scheme.

New roof funding, grants and eco funding

New roof grants

For a number of years the local authorities provided home upgrade grants for new roofs, roughcast and windows. Unfortunately with the cuts in funding and recent upheaval to life in general by the local authorities at these uncertain times the funding has stopped and wont be returning any time in the near future. However there are still options available and we can assist you, read through our site for the options we have for you.

Eco 2 new roof funding

Eco funding is an energy company and government based scheme that lets homeowners have certain measures installed on their property free or nearly free of charge. The myth surrounding Eco funding for new roofs is simply not true except for possibly flat roofing but the homeowner must be on certain state benefits in order to have a new flat roof fitted and there numerous other issues such as you need to have a certain heating or insulation type. New tiled roofs and new slate roofs do not fall into the Eco 2 category for new roofing installations.

New roof affordability scheme

The new roof help to pay affordability scheme offered by Pay4MyRoof is open to everyone for a limited period of time, we tend to run this scheme for 6 months of every calendar year as we are are inundated with installation requests if we run for the full year. Numerous clients have taken this option to replace their roof as new roof grants and new roof Eco funding are now non existent. If you need a new roof wherever you are whatever your circumstances we can help you, Get in touch today for help to pay for your new roof. 

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New Roof Funding Succesful Applicant Reviews

happy customers with new roof funding

Our roof was leaking and damaged and we really couldn't afford a new roof but water started to damage the inside of our house so we tried local councils and other various associations for grants for around 2 years but had no luck, we were recommended to try Pay4MyRoof by a friend and after their roofing surveyor had been out to determine if our roof was in need of replacement he done some simple documentation with us and we were accepted for a new roof within 2 days. Our new roof is fitted now and i am really happy with both the job and the assistance from this company, we are also glad that we have no more water coming into our house. Thank you so much Pay4MyRoof we were so stressed and worried before we contacted you and now we have had a massive weight lifted from our shoulders and we can get on with decorating the house, oh and not to forget thanks so much to the new roof installers who couldn't help us enough and even got rid of some old rubbish for us from our water damaged ceiling

Mrs Templeman

Falkirk, Scotland

new roof funding customer

The slate roof on our property had become nail sick and due to our location out in the open we were very exposed to high winds and storms, we tried and tried to get a new roof grant from council and local authorities and even tried Eco funding but there are no grants for new roofs available at all. One of my colleagues who i visit now and again found Pay4MyRoof online and we decided to give them a go as we had nothing to lose because we couldn't afford to have the roof replaced, the surveyor came to our property within 3 days of the initial phone call and he took some measurements and done some documentation with us which only too about 25 mins, two days later we had a call from the girl at the office asking when we would like our new roof fitted and to be honest i couldn't believe it so jokingly i said straight away please, i was so shocked when we were booked in and the roof was started and finished within 2 weeks, over the moon with the service and the workmanship on my new roof, thanks again guys for helping a man out.

John Peaford

Essex, England

Help To Pay For Roof Repairs

While our core subject is roof replacements and new roofs in Scotland and England there are occasions where we survey roofs that do not need to be replaced, in this scenario we will always explain to the homeowner the details of our roof survey and explain what the best option is in our professional opinion. If we consider the best approach is to repair the roof and the roof has enough life left in to last a good amount of years then we will also be able to help you with paying for your roof repairs. Its not always the best option to replace a roof which may have at least another 10 years life in it so repairing the roof and making the most of what you have is a far better long term option both practically and economically.

Roof Funding Queries

Can you help to pay for pointing work

Yes is the easy answer we carry out pointing for ridges, chimneys, gables and hips and we can assist with all funding.

Do you fit upvc roofline

Yes our trained joiners can supply and fit Upvc Roofline and guttering to most property types although this isnt always funded.

What materials do you use for new roofs

Our new roofs are only ever installed with industry leading materials from suppliers such as Marley, Redland, Kloeber and Siga. We also use Firestone and Cure It for flat roofs replacements.

Do we get a warranty with a new roof

Yes, all work on your new roof will be covered by a full 15 year warranty certificate which you will receive upon completion of your new roof, the warranty will cover all labour and materials.

my roof is 10 years old should i replace

A roof of 10 years of age shouldn’t need replaced and problems can be some simple things like cracked tiles or loose slates which can easily be repaired

My roof needs an overhaul but i've no money

We can help you, our team of trained surveyors will do an in depth assessment of your roof and advise you of the cheapest options available.